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Diverse Community

Forge connections, network effortlessly, and collaborate with the vibrant tapestry of students and staff in our diverse community.


Chance to participate in a wide range of Robotic competitions helping you improve your knowledge of engineering and programming.

Career Driven Workshops

Workshops hosted in partnership with SST at City University to guide you into the possible career opportunities in Robotics, Engineering, Computer Science and more.

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Joining the IEEE City Robotics Society offers a wealth of opportunities for personal and professional growth. As a member, you’ll have the chance to expand your knowledge about robotics through workshops, seminars, and access to university facilities like labs. Engage in thrilling competitions that challenge your skills and creativity while collaborating with individuals from diverse backgrounds, fostering innovation at every step.

“Robotics is more than Coding. Its more than Engineering”


It’s honestly the best experience I could have hoped for within a society. Look forward to keep learning with you guys and so grateful for all your support and impeccable organisation!

City University of London


Thank you very much. You guys are the ones who made it happen. thank you for the amazing event and society. Genuinely love it

Student Y
City University of London


Being in the Robotics society has been incredibly valuable for me. I have learned a lot of practical skills and have grown as a person. One of the standout aspects has been the emphasis on teamwork. Collaborating with fellow enthusiasts has not only been enjoyable but has also taught me the importance of effective communication, shared goals, and the collective power of diverse skill sets. The camaraderie within the team has made every project a rewarding and memorable experience.

Student X


The Robotics society has been an incredible platform for skill development. From learning the intricacies of robotics to hands-on experience in building a robot capable of autonomously following a line, every step has been a lesson in practical application. The knowledge gained extends beyond the technical aspects, encompassing problem-solving, adaptability, and resilience.

City University of London

Our Featured Events

End of Line Competition 2023

On December 13, 2023, we hosted the year’s grandest robotic showdown, attracting a range of enthusiastic participants striving to craft the swiftest robot in design and performance.

IEEE Day Celebration

On November 3rd, we commemorated the spirit of IEEE members at City, showcasing their collaborative efforts in leveraging technology to shape a brighter future for local communities.

Micromouse Competition

On 13th April we hosted our Micromouse Competition attracting over 85+ students to compete in a head to head showdown. Click below to learn more.