End of Line 2023 Competition

19th January 2024

End of Line Robotics Competition – the Fast and the Functional

This cherished annual competition took place this year on Wednesday 13 December, and did not disappoint.

Judged by engineering and computer science academics from the School, the heart of this competition beats in the creativity and innovation of students from diverse backgrounds and degree courses, uniting to demonstrate their expertise in designing and programming robots, all with the aim of creating the fastest and most efficient machine.

The jeopardy of the competition is increased by participants encountering an unrevealed competition track, unveiled on the event day. 

Each team took centre stage, placing their robot on the starting line, with the ultimate objective of the robot autonomously completing two laps around the track, without any student intervention, and in the fastest time.

The winning teams accepted their awards from Professor Rajkumar Roy, Executive Dean of the School and Professor Sanowar (Associate Dean of SSE (SST))

Winner of IEEE City Robotics End of Line Competition 2023 – Team Name: Wall-E

Team members: Danylo Piatyhorets, Aaron Charles Rodrigues, Maria Gabriela Klatte, Karolina Wasnik, Sreekanth Kumar, Albesja Berisha.

Judges Choice Award, and Best Design Award – Team Name: Devil’s Motherboard

Team Members: Aman Raj Kaith, Haneen Graoui, Sayeda Tapader, Vithuja Thangarajah.

Judges: Nabil Aouf, Professor of Robotics and Autonomous Systems; Dr Golnaz Badkobeh, Head of Computer Science; Professor Asa Barber, Head of the Department of Engineering; Dr Veselin Rakocevic, SST Associate Dean, Portfolio Planning and Recruitment.

Written by: Bansari Sanghvi (Vice President)